Soul Mentoring Sessions

-Embody your Higher Self Consciousness-



These sessions support all those who are integrating our Mastery Curriculum/Courses: Embody your Christ Consciousness, Portal 1: Divine Connection, Portal 2: Divine Renovation, and Portal 3: Divine Liberation

We invite you to step into our sacred container to
enrich your Ascension Journey as you integrate your Higher Self Consciousness and get ready to co-create an enlightened reality! We will meet you exactly where you are and share with you the Next Key to align with Divine Prosperity. You need to balance and intensify the Threefold Flame in your heart to master your inner gifts of love, wisdom, and power and create sustainable and renewable realities that support your Ascension in the Light!

As you align with your Higher Self you will awaken dormant soul aspects that have been blocked/numbed by ancestral fear and attachments and get ready to externalize your Divine Blueprint.


Ready to discover your higher purpose, destiny, and mission?

We will initially share a REIJU, a Grace Activation, to balance your four lower bodies, open your heart chakra, and embrace your Higher Self Consciousness. Grace Activations are concentrated energy downloads/uploads that will lead you to the ultimate experience your soul has been seeking: dissolution into oneness. Are you willing to release all your unconscious addictions and attachments and accept The Gift of Purity (ultimate purification)?

A Divine attunement, or atonement, is a moment of reconciliation with your Divinity. REIJU means to receive something that comes straight from Source, as a divine blessing or offering.

REI = In the presence of God and/or your Divine Mentor
JU = Attunement

Honor this opportunity to remove all inner judgment and blockages to the Light so that you can be in an eternal moment with God!


Get ready to…

* Create Harmony
* Accept your Divine Life
* Welcome Divine Grace
* Align with Divine Providence
* Balance your Threefold Flame
* Raise your point of resonance
* Discover your unique soul gifts
* Actualize your soul’s plan and timing
* Absorb Cosmic Light to replenish your 7 Bodies
* Unplug from the limitations of mass consciousness
* Manifest your dream reality by applying our (33) Light Codes
* Constantly elevate and actualize your state of consciousness to hold the frequency of the 7th Golden Age

We will support you as you upgrade your Life & Service Offering and get ready to guide others in their journey in the Light!



Modality: Zoom (virtual platform)

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Let's connect now - USD 222



Let’s thrive together,







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