Soul Reminders 

-Weekly Higher Self Messages & Guidance-


Gaitana has shared 12 Higher Self messages and guidance to support your Ascension Journey! She has invited a few Community Leaders to contribute their wisdom and practical tips to help you build your meditation routine and co-create with the Ascended Masters.

We have based this series on the transmissions included in our eBook ‘’Enlightened Education: a path to precipitate your divine vision’’.  (available in our website: click here)

Receive the main Ascension Keys that can inspire you to choose Spiritual Liberation and thrive!



Soul Reminder # 1: Embrace a life of constant simplification
Soul Reminder # 2: Become introspective
Soul Reminder # 3: Empty your mind
Soul Reminder # 4: Don’t look back
Soul Reminder # 5: Have faith in Divinity
Soul Reminder # 6: Pay attention to signals
Soul Reminder # 7: Value a service-oriented life
Soul Reminder # 8: Trust Humanity’s Potential
Soul Reminder # 9: Reveal your Golden Trajectory
Soul Reminder # 10: Align with quantum possibilities
Soul Reminder # 11: Free your life force energy
Soul Reminder # 12: Surrender to the Divine


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