The Breath of God

”Become a Divine Creator”



DIVINE ATTUNEMENT (1 hour) – Complementary to our Mentorship Training Course

Ready to welcome
The Gift of Life and to awaken your enthusiasm for your Divine Design? Enter your own Pyramid of Creation, balance your four lower bodies and become an Energy Master! The key that Source has shared with us is ”Find me in the darkness”, that is, fill all your inner crevices with Light. Get to the core of Divine Truth! There is no place where you cannot find God. Get ready to feel the Divine Presence at all times!

Remember how to receive (breathe in) the Cosmic Elixir (God-qualified electrons, life-giving essence) and consciously reconnect with The Fountain of Life to externalize your Divine Blueprint and to Serve Source gracefully. As you receive divine energy, you will be able to heal your deepest obsessions and schisms, which make you feel separate from Source and think that you have been forsaken. These false patterns have created deep ”pockets of fear and resentment”.

Accept Cosmic Victory into your reality and dare to radiate ecstatic bliss!


Are you ready to deepen your connection with your Ascension Mentor and to welcome your Guru to find your way back to your I AM Presence? The Chohans of the 7 Rays and The Crystalline Rays will inspire you to remember the Authentic Source of all Creation!

We invite you to open you higher energy centers and embrace a purely receptive existence. When you ”Live in Grace”, that is when you can surrender, be present, and grateful, you can let go of your attachment to external resources/support and you trust that your I AM Presence will provide you with all that you are ready to experience. As you realize this, you will stop perceiving lack or need! 


The infinite power of the Universe lies within!

Ready to become a Crystal River, that is, ”a living fountain of Light that can never be qualified by human thought and feeling”? (Master Djwal Khul)

What seems ”deficient” (is not receiving enough love or attention) in your physical-energy body? Replenish it to create inner balance. Unleash your Inner Creator-Protector-Destroyer and prepare your physical-energy body for your Divine Mission!

Remember that your body is NOT your pillar of Life and Service. Your value/strength resides in your energy-consciousness. Fill your body with Light because that is your nature; to give Love to all of creation. However, don’t think that your body reflects your worth, defines you, or will open the doors of self-realization. Transcendence happens in/through the body, but not because of the body.


Love Simplicity!

Can you believe that a Big Life could be stress-free, easy-flowing, fulfilling, and practical? As you embody your Divine Presence, you will naturally embrace these 2 maxims: ”Know Thyself” and ”Nothing in Excess”. You will understand Creation and enjoy playing The Game of Life. Also, you will stop fantasizing about becoming your ”Ideal You” and you will start loving your ”Real You”. In other words, you will stop rejecting (escaping) yourself.

Let’s remove the veil that is keeping you from embracing your Divinity!

If you go on a blind date, you might be afraid of being disappointed. The same happens when you are close to revealing your True Self. What if you don’t like it? What if you expected something different? What if your self-inquiry journey ended up in disillusionment? What if you became someone you do not love? There is only one way to uncover the truth. Dare to remove the veil of illusion!


During this Divine Attunement you will have the opportunity to…

* Accept your Divine Life!

* Love yourself unconditionally

* Remember how to live in Harmony

* Actualize your soul’s plan and timing

* Make peace with your unique constitution

* Stop depriving yourself of what you truly desire

* Integrate all the layers of the Ascension Pyramid

* Embrace your abundance and prosperity consciousness

* Replenish your physical-energy body by creating cosmic balance 


During this Divine Attunement you will receive:

* The practice of The Breath of God

* 1 Divine Mantra to open The Door to Infinity

* 1 Guided Meditation to awaken The Breath of God

* Ascended Master Invocations to receive The Breath of God

* The Key to your Guru so that you can accelerate and (eventually) complete your Ascension Journey.


Modality: Zoom (virtual platform)

Activate The Breath of God - USD 333


Looking forward to sharing this Divine Activation with you!

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