Celebrate the Victory of Love

”Wherever you are, I AM”


(8 video sessions + quantum tools and energy activations)

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Ready to upgrade your relationships? ”Love or nothing” is the name of the game!

Would you desire to experience an authentic connection with ALL and hold that vision as you stop compromising and tolerating empty exchanges that reinforce your false sense of lack and separation? There is a well of abundance ready to be expressed in a creative manner. Let go of pretense and embrace real love! Know the difference between Karmic Bonds, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames and take your relationships to the next level!

We invite you on a 2-month journey to explore the potential of mature relationships. Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus will reveal to you the Magdalene Codes that can inspire you to share your heart creations and catalyze the evolution of individual-collective relationships. A balanced expression of energies is essential to integrate your masculine-feminine principles and experience a deeper alignment with Source and Humanity. Mother Mary and The 3 Magi (Master Kuthumi, El Morya, and Djwal Kul) will share practical tools to accelerate your Threefold Flame, balance your karma, and attract lighter timelines.

We will fully step into the Initiations of the 3 main Spheres of Consciousness: individual, family and community circles of impact. Intentional relationships are necessary to fulfill your spiritual contract and manifest Heaven on Earth! Discover your Family-Community Code of Honor and the common purpose-mission that can help you thrive. Have you ever wondered why you are together? What can you give birth to?

Let’s explore the value and potential of divine partnership, aquarian families, sacred homes, and ascending communities. The 3 R’s are key to raise everyOne: Respect, Recognition, and Reciprocity. As a consequence, you will integrate the virtue of Reverence and be in eternal devotion to the Light!

The Ascended Master Kuan Yin will also share her wisdom to explore the essential teachings of Divine Alchemy and transmute unresolved issues in the presence of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. She has shared a few revelations, practices, and a powerful message with our Community and we would love to extend it to you!

Healthy bonds are an expression of your inner abundance. You can only prosper if you heal, alchemize and elevate your relationships. It is time to take your next sovereign step!


Celebrate the Victory of Love – 8 Sessions:

* Session # 1: Opening Ceremony – Discover the Alchemy of Relationships
* Session # 2: Manifest through Devotional Love
* Session # 3: Welcome Divine Partnership
* Session # 4: Celebrate Aquarian Families
* Session # 5: Create your Sacred Home-Temple
* Session # 6: Explore the Power of Ascending Communities
* Session # 7: Embody your Higher Self Consciousness
* Session # 8: Closing Ceremony – Celebrate the Victory of Love

You will receive:

* 2 Advanced Practices to catalyze self-transcendence and the acceleration of your Threefold Flame (PDF)
* 1 Energy Activation to embrace spiritual-material abundance and find your creative balance.
* 1 Ritual to demagnetize and charge your crystals -to raise the vibration in your Home (PDF)
* 1 Mantra Activation to detach from the limiting influence of mass consciousness
* 1 Divine Message: Kuan Yin’s revelation and offering for our 2024 cycle (PDF)
* 1 Poem/Attunement to align with your ”Twin Flame” (PDF and MP3 audio)
* 1 original Musical Track: ”The Miracle of Mercy”
 (MP3 audio)

* Access to our Private Forum


Start Date: April 20, 2024
Length: 2 months (8 sessions)
Dates: April 20 – June 8

Day: Saturday
Time: 2 pm to 3:30 pm (D.R. – Dominican Republic)
Modality: Zoom

Contribution: USD 444 (or 2 payments of USD 222)

Access now - USD 444

2 payments - USD 222


Let’s Celebrate the Victory of Love!





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