Solstice Retreat December 2022

-Align with Divine Prosperity-


FREE 3-hour transmission (recorded videos)

During this Virtual Retreat we opened The Gate of Divine Prosperity to explore new facets of this inner virtue. We shared guided meditations, energy activations and the transmissions that we received from the Ascended Masters to raise the individual-collective consciousness. The practices that we made available will encourage you to embrace the potential of your Inner Child. He/She will reveal to you the power of Karuna Consciousness, of compassionate action, to open the way for a new path of enlightenment, more loving, more responsible and … lighter.

The Seal of Transmutation will allow you to clear the Child’s wounds that are ready to be transformed into spiritual virtues. This Initiation will help you transcend the Matrix of ”The Punisher” to give birth to the Inner Healer, who will activate the necessary coherence and cohesion to free you. As you move closer to your Liberation, you will be able to unlock new prosperity codes, and you will feel inspired to step into an infinite cycle of evolution. You can become a Conscious (purposeful) Creator!

We also revealed our 2023 Vision and we created a safe container to purify the main stages of our life cycle: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and maturity. As you open these doors to the Light, everything will shift according to the Divine Will and you will be able to release limiting patterns that have not allowed you to create with purpose.

As you listen to these transmissions you will:

* recover your innocence and your Faith in Life.
* explore new facets of Divine Forgiveness.
* awaken the healing potential of your Inner Child. 
* remove unconscious obstacles in a compassionate way.
* find inner stability in times of change.
* and much, much more! 

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These transmissions were based on the teachings that we have included in our Ebook: The Child, The Master and the Inner God: Portals to tune into Divine Health. (available in our website – click here)



Welcome to this liberating experience!

Firma Gaitana Yantal


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