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Equinox Retreat

Online Retreat 2022 – Enjoy a day of Pure Consciousness – We have created this Online Retreat so that you can immerse in high-vibe frequencies and attune to Divine Health & Abundance. Let’s align with the Equinox Vibrations (September 2022)...

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Free Guided Meditations

  12 Guided Meditations ”Awaken the Power of your Light” Recorded Sessions (12 transmissions) We invite you to awaken the Power of your Inner Light! We offer you 12 Guided Meditations to facilitate your liberation. These Energy...

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Divine Revelations 2023

24 Divine Revelations ”Choose Real Love”   Recorded Sessions (24 transmissions) Enjoy 24 Light Activations! We invite you to connect with true Love to create a fulfilling life! We have recorded 24 weekly Ascended Transmissions...

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, believed by those adherent to the Ascended Master Teachings to have previously been embodied as Plato, Proclus, Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon, and numerous others, was quoted as saying:

“When one individualizes within the Absolute, All-Pervading Life, he chooses of his own free will to become an intensified individual focus of Self-Conscious Intelligence. He is the conscious director of his future activities. Thus, having once made his choice, he is the only one who can fulfill that Destiny—which is not inflexible circumstance but a definitely designed Plan of Perfection.”[29] When You, the ‘Mighty I AM Presence,’ will to come forth into an Individualized Focus of Conscious Dominion and use the Creative Word, ‘I AM,’ Your First Individual Activity is the Formation of a Flame. Then you, the ‘Individualized Focus’ of the ‘Mighty I AM Presence,’ begin your Dynamic Expression of Life. This Activity, We term Self-consciousness, meaning the Individual who is conscious of his Source and Perfection of Life, expressing through himself.”[4]