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Equinox Retreat

Online Retreat 2022 – Enjoy a day of Pure Consciousness – We have created this Online Retreat so that you can immerse in high-vibe frequencies and attune to Divine Health & Abundance. Let’s align with the Equinox Vibrations (September 2022)...

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Ebook: Enlightened Education

Enlightened Education A Path to Precipitate your Divine Vision After a long journey of inner awakenings and initiations, we have revealed our Life Mission and we are ready to share the blessings of Enlightened Education with the sincere spiritual...

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Free Guided Meditations

ESPAÑOL 12 Guided Meditations ”Awaken the Power of your Light” We invite you to awaken the Power of your Inner Light! We offer you 12 Guided Meditations to facilitate your liberation. These Energy Activations will align you with...

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