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Resurrect your Inner Buddha-Christ

Special Event Resurrect your Inner Buddha-Christ   2 1/2-hour transmission (recorded video) We have created this special event to nurture the Universal Buddha-Christ in all of us! 2023 is the year of The Christ in Action, but before we can...

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Welcome to Enlightened Education

  We are honored to share with you the First Light Code Activation (LCA) that will get you started on your Path of Liberation! As you listen to the audio, witness your inner shifts and enjoy your practice. Trust the unfolding!    ...

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Spiritual Music – Enlightened Education

The mystical way is the one that allows you to reveal the Universal Mysteries as you contemplate and celebrate your own nature and surrender to the Divine Will. We invite you to connect with your Heart Portal to become One with All!

As you listen to these musical activations you will feel a deeper connection with your inner guidance and you will feel inspired to access the Higher Realms. Awaken your Divine Potential and remember that You are One.