Truth Above All Else

Trust & Surrender to create in the Light


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The Mystical Path? We invite you to reveal the Universal Mysteries as you connect with Heaven and Earth and embrace your original wisdom. As you read this Divine Transmission, you will be inspired to integrate your Christ Light! We will share 12 Divine Mantras, which represent the 12 Initiations that you need to go through to activate your 12-D (Universal) Consciousness. Be the Christ in Action! Divine Action respects the Divine Will since its purpose is to inspire everyOne to remember the Truth. Let’s explore what is possible to create when you trust and surrender to your I AM Presence. Discover the power of the Keycode: Truth Above All Else. Enjoy the ride!



* Introduction: ”Under the Wings of your Mentor”.
* Explore the Natural Path of Enlightenment.
* Be the Pillar of Divine Relationships. 
* Remember that you are your own Medicine.  
* Become the All-Seeing Eye of God. 
* Drink from the Fountain of Youth. 
* Accept that All es Easy. 
* Discover the Healing Cosmology. 
* Inherit the Kingdom/Queendom. 
* Claim your Real Power. 
* Actualize your Light Body Technology. 
* Live your Future Now. 
* Receive Grace Activations.
* Final Words.

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Authors: Gaitana & Yantal

Publication Date: June 8, 2023

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Live in Grace!

, Ebook – El Niño, El Maestro y el Dios Interno