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Enlightened Education


Enlightened Education is the Light Technology that we offer Humanity to co-create The New Earth: a human civilization based on the principles of Love-Truth. As you walk your Path of Liberation, we offer you to develop your Leadership skills by participating in our online programs: 7 Attunements to align with your Divine Purpose, Master Divine Precipitation, Awaken your Inner Healer, and Sacred Temple of the Heart Practitioner (levels 1 & 2).
If you want to take a step further and awaken your Mastery, we will guide you through 4 Energy Portals: Divine Connection, Divine Renovation, Divine Liberation, Divine Realization and Mentorship programs. These inner gateways to Source will inspire you to reactivate your Divine Code/Consciousness, to explore your soul magnificence, and to establish your direct connection with God. Get ready to remember your divine purpose and to leave your legacy of light!
”Answer your highest calling”

7 recorded attunements + optional Shanti Attunement

These 7 Attunements will inspire you to co-create a new relationship with yourself, with Source, with the Earth, and with others. As you release ancestral imprints, you will be able to create a new foundation. A new order is wanting to emerge: your field/space, your routine, your priorities, and your intentions are ready to evolve.
Sacred Temple of the Heart 2


We now invite you to go through more advanced Initiations to open all your receptive channels and your Heart Portal to enjoy the energy downloads and the initiations that are constantly coming straight from Source. In this case, you will receive guidance from Master Saint Germain, Isis, and Horus as you remember the Keys of Divine Alchemy that will catalyze your Liberation.

The 13 Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements invite you to unlock the potential that resides within to find the inner keys to prosperity so that every aspect of creation is aligned with the Divine Plan.

* It is not necessary to have done the STH 1 - Available in 1 or 3 payments

2 Month Program

Master Divine Precipitation

Receive a Cosmic Attunement and get ready to awaken 13 interconnected chakras to Master Divine Precipitation and to embrace your Miracle Consciousness!

We will also activate 6 Pillars of Light so that you feel supported and Divinely Guided as you discover new facets of The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine. When they are balanced, you can freely realize your highest vision, accelerate time, and multiply the resources that you require to create your own Heaven on Earth.

2 Month Program

Sacred Temple of the Heart Practitioner (level 1)

Are you ready to Serve the Light?

We are honored to offer a high-vibrational training program to all those who are ready to step into their Service Roles and that require practical tools and guidance to get started.

Enlightened Education Portals


We invite you to align with your authentic origin, essence, purpose, destiny, and mission and to trust your highest vision. Are you ready to embrace your inner light and to see it reflected all around you?

You can recreate your life (precipitate a new reality) by accessing your Inner Guidance and acting on it.

As you go through these 4 Portals you will receive Divine Inspiration, let go of ancestral fear, restore your Original Consciousness (Harmony), and awaken the Light Technology that will inspire you to realize yourSelf.

Let go of your identification with your limited human personality and unleash your Full Potential. Spread your wings and fly to infinity! As your spirit soars, you will uplift all of Humanity!

Ebook: The Child, the Master, & the Inner God

We are navigating a planetary phase that invites us to heal to create a new reality. This window of opportunity offers us to reveal innovative as well as ancient ways of healing to find the combination of frequencies that will help us restore our Divine Health.

Ebook: Enlightened Education

Let's embark on an Inner Journey -that is not based on personal development, but on soul completion- to activate your Divine Potential and to precipitate your Highest Vision. No external circumstances can ever define you. Only your divine blueprint can determine your destiny. Enjoy your Initiation into soul empowerment, liberation and beyond!

2023 Events 

Enlightened Education, Enlightened Education – Gaitana Yantal, Enlightened Education - Gaitana Yantal
Equinox Retreat March 2023
Enlightened Education, Enlightened Education – Gaitana Yantal, Enlightened Education - Gaitana Yantal
Resurrect your Inner Buddha-Christ
Enlightened Education, Enlightened Education – Gaitana Yantal, Enlightened Education - Gaitana Yantal
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